Spring and Thyme

In 2016, Michelle started a design business to help people create comfortable, beautiful homes that welcome old and new friends. She pairs devotionals with different interior transformations. Check out her blogs for speaking and retreat ideas!  Oh yeah- if you need a little help making your house a home reach out here! 

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Michelle teaches on the book of Esther in a Kensington Midweek series on the women of the Bible. She begins teaching after worship at 36:22. 

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Mother's Day

Michelle teaches about Mary's song and the beauty of motherhood. She begins at 34:05, but the video before her message is pretty darn sweet. 

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Jonah was a Prophet

Michelle teaches on Jonah 1:11- 2:10 for Insights Bible Study at Kensington Church. She begins teaching at 2:10

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The Creator God

Michelle teaches on Psalm 8 and 33 at Insights Bible Study on the incredible Creator.